What is Convicted Driver Motor Trade Insurance?

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  • Cover for driving convictions
  • Cover for criminal convictions
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What is Convicted Driver Motor Trade Insurance?

Convicted drivers motor trade insurance is a type of cover for motor trade business owners who have a conviction. Whether you have a driving conviction or criminal conviction, if is unspent then you’ll need to declare it to insurance providers. Because of this, it’s usually a good idea to seek cover from specialist providers.

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Why get cover online?

Below are some key reasons to get convicted drivers motor trade insurance online

  • Easily tailor your policy – When getting quotes online it’s incredibly easy to add and remove cover options. This is especially useful for motor trade business owners since you can ensure that the policy you get covers only what you want it to.
  • Save time – Because the process of getting quotes online is very simple, it enables you to save a lot of time when compared to contacting different insurance providers individually by phone.
  • Save money - Being able to get quotes in such an easy fashion means you also stand to save money by not overspending on your cover.
Did you know…?

Specialist providers will take your unique circumstances into account when providing a quote.

Types of cover you can get

  • Cover for customer vehicles - When working in the motor trade you will of course need cover for any vehicles that you have to work on/transport. This is a standard level of cover with any type of motor trade policy.
  • Cover for business vehicles - You can also get cover for vehicles your business owns, including the car you drive.
  • Liability claims - Liability claims can come from members of the public as well as your own employees. You can get cover for both types of claims included in your policy as well as legal fees.
  • Combined cover - Combined motor trade insurance lets you cover your premises in addition to vehicles, as well as tools, stock and cash.
Did you know…?

Getting a lot of quotes is one of the best ways to save money on convicted drivers motor trade insurance

Get quotes from specialist providers

If you want to save money on motor trade insurance then getting a lot of quotes is a great way to do this.

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