What is Combined Motor Trade Insurance?

What is combined motor trade insurance?

Cover every aspect of your business with a combined motor trade insurance policy. Click the green button to get quotes now.

  • Road risks cover
  • Cover for your vehicles, premises and stock
  • Cover for business interruption
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Public liability cover and personal accidents
  • Money cover
  • Goods in transit
  • Professional indemnity
  • Legal expenses
  • Instalments and flexible payment options

What is Combined Motor Trade Insurance?

Combined motor trade insurance is a special type of policy that enables you to cover not only the vehicles you work on but also your premises, tools, stock and cash. It is an incredibly useful type of cover for motor trade business owners since it means you can cover every aspect of your business under the same policy.

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It’s now easier than ever to get combined motor trade insurance quotes.

The benefits of getting combined motor trade insurance online

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting a combined policy online –

  • Easily tailor your cover - A big benefit of getting cover online is that you can easily add or remove cover options as you need; For example you might want to add cover for your own car to your combined motor trade insurance policy. This means you can perfectly tailor the level of cover you want to suit the exact needs of your business.
  • Save time - Another big benefit of looking for cover online is that it enables you to save time. Getting quotes from multiple providers is as simple as clicking a button and filling in a quote form. This is much more convenient than having to call different insurance providers individually.
  • Save money - By being able to get quotes from so many providers in an easy manner, this also enables you to save money by making sure you don’t overspend on your cover.
  • Flexible payment options – You can choose how you want to pay for your cover - either monthly by direct debit or by paying upfront annually. The latter can be a great way to save money.
Did you know…?

A great way to save money on combined motor trade insurance is to make your premises as secure as possible.

Saving money on combined motor trade insurance

When looking for cover it’s always a good idea to take any steps you can to lower the cost of combined motor trade insurance. Below are some great ways to do this.

  • Pay for your cover upfront - Paying for your policy annually rather than monthly can certainly help you make a good saving on your cover with the majority of insurance providers. It might not always be affordable but it’s one of the most reliable ways to cut costs significantly.
  • Shop around - You should always be sure to shop around when looking for a combined motor trade policy since prices can vary quite a bit.
  • Make your premises secure - Another way to save money is by making your premises secure. This helps to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism and therefore lowers the cost of your premium.

Get quotes easily

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