Offering warranties with used electric cars is key to moving customers towards purchasing used hybrid and electric cars according The Warranty Group although not all of our combined motor trade insurance may not agree.

Although the sales of hybrid and electric vehicles are healthy, there is still a lot of hesitance from large sections of the public when it comes to investing in an electric vehicle. A big part of the reason for this is simply due to unfamiliarity with such vehicles. A lot of people have never owned an electric car and due to this, there are not sure how long they’ll last or how likely there are to have problems with it and this can create nervousness.

The Warranty Group believes that one of the best ways for car dealerships to counteract this problem is by offering comprehensive warranties with their used electric and hybrid vehicles in order to reassure customers.

The Warranty Group CEO, Rich Green had the following to say on the matter –

“There are various ways of doing this. For example, you can show customers research into the longevity and reliability of these vehicles, especially hybrids, which have a low warranty claims record across decades.

“However, a comprehensive warranty is undeniably the cornerstone of selling used EVs and hybrids. It gives a customer concrete reassurance that the vehicle is unlikely to hit them with a large, unexpected bill.”

“As these vehicles become more and more common, dealers will need these warranties in order to overcome fundamental customer objections.”