Steps to Take After An Accident For Motor Trade Businesses

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If you run a business in the motor trade then it’s essential that you and your staff know the right steps to follow after an accident. Failing this could cost your business big and even potentially lead to motor trade liability claims.

Certain types of motor trade businesses are more susceptible to being involved in accidents than others. Trades where customer/business vehicles are driven a lot are certainly more likely to be involved in a collision when compared to a trade such a mobile mechanic. Even so a typical mobile mechanics insurance policy will still factor road risks into the policy.

Below are the steps to follow after an accident when you work in the motor trade.

Establish if anybody is injured

The first thing to do following an accident is establish whether anybody is seriously hurt, either in your own vehicle or any others involved. if anybody is hurt then you should call for an ambulance and the police. The police will question everyone involved, including any witnesses and also carry out breath tests of both drivers to establish if alcohol played a role.

Exchange information

If nobody is seriously hurt then the first thing you’ll do is exchange your motor trade insurance information with the other driver. The information you want to get is their name, address and telephone number as well as the details of their vehicle and their insurance provider and policy number. Often immediately following an accident they’ll be a lot of discussion about who was to blame but this is usually pointless unless it’s very clear who was at fault. In the case of a dispute, it’s not up to the drivers to decide who was to blame for obvious reasons. This is why it’s so important to gather evidence…

Take pictures and look for witnesses

The most important thing you can do when you’re still at the scene of an accident is to get as much evidence to support your claim as possible. Ideally the car you are driving would have a dashcam but this often isn’t the case. You should take as many pictures as possible to show how both cars look. It’s also very important to try and find any witnesses you can, since often the pictures taken at a scene are not conclusive. Some people may be reluctant to be a witness but you should try your best to persuade them since this can make all the difference to your claim, especially if it goes to court.

Contact your insurance provider

Once you’ve gathered all the evidence you can, you should then contact your insurance provider. Traders insurance works differently to regular car insurance in that many cars are typically included on the policy so you’ll need to let your insurance provider know the exact details of the car involved in the collision. If there’s enough evidence to show that you (or one of your employees) was not to blame then the other party’s insurance provider will pay out. Failing this the claim may go to court.