New research backed by Autocar has revealed that only 23% of motorists plan to buy diesel for their next vehicle purchase. The main reason for this being concerns over pollution and emissions.

Unsurprisingly, petrol was the number one fuel of choice, with around 60% of those interviewed planning to invest in a petrol vehicle next.

More than 1,000 people were interviewed for the survey and the numbers show that although diesel vehicles currently account for 4 in every 10 vehicles on the roads, this number is likely to change significantly over the coming years as more people invest in hybrid and electric cars. In fact, a sixth of respondents said they plan to invest in either a hybrid or electric vehicle for their next purchase.

Speaking about the findings, Autocar editor, Mark Tisshaw said the following –

“These findings are a testament to the public battering diesel has taken over the last few years. We’ve already seen figures showing a diesel sales slowdown but what is clear from this survey is that there will be a major shift towards petrol, hybrid and electric cars.

“While some vilification of diesel is justified, there is a major gulf between the perception and the reality. It is concerning that the majority of buyers now believe diesel is a wholly dirty fuel, pumping out the most CO2 and NOx into the atmosphere. The reality of modern Euro 6 diesels is very different,”

“Autocar certainly doesn’t subscribe to the view that diesel should be dumped. “