Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

If you have a criminal or motoring conviction and work in the motor trade then it’s vital that you get your motor trade insurance from the right provider. Get convicted drivers motor trade insurance quotes now by clicking the green quote button on this page.

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Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance Explained

Did you know…?

Although a conviction will increase the cost of your cover you can still get insurance at a reasonable rate by getting quotes from specialist providers

Do I have to declare my conviction?

When you’re looking for motor trade insurance then you might be wondering if you’re obligated to inform insurance providers of your conviction. This will all depend on whether your conviction is spent or unspent. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, convictions that carry less serious sentences become ‘spent’ after a certain period of time; meaning you’re no longer obligated to declare it to insurance providers, employers etc.

The amount of time until a conviction is spent will depend on the severity of the punishment you received. For example, convictions that come with a prison sentence of 6 months or less are spent 2 years after the sentence is completed. If you are convicted of a crime that comes with a prison sentence 4 years or more than unfortunately your conviction will never become spent under current legislation.

If you do have to declare your conviction then it’s useful to know the code for your particular conviction too. If you’d like to find out the code for your particular conviction then you can find a full list here.

Types of Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance

  • Third Party –Third party will enable you to drive and work on customer vehicles legally although you will not be covered for accidents that you’re liable for. You can also add fire and theft to a third party policy if you want to get an added level of protection.
  • Comprehensive - A comprehensive policy will cover you for all road risks, including accidents that you’re liable for as well as fire and theft. Both third party and comprehensive insurance are types of road risk insurance, which is the type of cover you’ll need at minimum in order to operate legally in the motor trade.
  • Combined – A combined policy is an excellent choice when you have your own premises and/or employ staff. A combined policy will cover you for road risks in addition to covering your premises and protecting you from liability claims - both from the public and your employees.
  • Public liability - Public liability insurance is always recommended when you work in the motor trade. Liability claims are certainly not unlikely when you’re working with the public on a regular basis. Whether somebody is injured on your premises or they feel you didn’t complete the job to a satisfactory standard, a liability claim can be devastating to your business if you don’t have the right cover in place.
  • Employers’ liability - If you any staff at all, even those that are part time, you must get employers’ liability insurance. This will cover you for claims that come from your staff, whether it’s due to unfair dismal, accident or injury or any other type of incident that can lead to a liability claim.
  • Legal expenses - You’re also able to have legal expenses included as part of your liability cover. The legal expenses associated with fighting a liability claim, whether from a member of public or one of your own staff, can be very expensive. This is therefore a very useful type of cover to have included in a motor trade insurance policy.
  • Breakdown assistance - Breakdown assistance is another type of additional cover you get have included in your policy. Whether or not you feel if breakdown assistance is necessary will depend on the type of motor trade business you run and how much you and your staff have to transport vehicles.
Did you know…?

If your conviction is spent then you’re no longer obligated to inform insurance providers of it.

Why Get Motor Trade Cover From a Specialist Provider?

Below are some of the benefits of getting motor trade insurance from a specialist provider –

  • Get cover at an affordable cost - By getting cover from a specialist provider you can ensure that you get your cover at a fair price. The insurance providers on the panel are used to dealing with people with all types of convictions so they are able to offer policies that match your unique circumstances.
  • Tailor your policy as much as you need to suit your business – Another key benefit of getting convicted drivers motor trade insurance online is that you can tailor your policy so it provides they exact level of cover your business needs. Each type of motor trade business is unique and therefore requires a policy that’s highly tailored. It’s extremely easy to amend the policy options when looking for quotes online so you can be sure that you get the right cover for you.
  • Get expert advice – If you are new to the motor trade and not sure exactly what type of policy is right for your business then you can get advice very easily. The insurance providers on the panel can advise you on the different cover options that are available and which types of cover are most vital for the type of motor trade business that you run.
  • Flexible payment options - You can also choose how you want to pay for your cover. You can pay either by credit or debit card and pay for the policy on a monthly or annual basis. Of course paying annually means that you’ll have to make a bigger down payment. However the upside to this is that the majority of insurance providers will offer you a good discount on the overall cost of the policy when you do this.
  • No hard sell - When getting quotes online you also don’t have to deal with any external pressure from sales agents to take out a particular policy. Instead you can simply look through the quotes you have in peace and choose the one that’s right for your business.
  • Cover for all business types – It stands to reason that a mobile mechanic will require different cover options when compared to a car showroom. It doesn’t matter what type of motor trade business you run, you can find cover that’s perfectly suited to the needs of your business
  • Cover for those under 25 - If you are under 25 years of age then you might be worried that it won’t be possible to find cover at an affordable rate. However you are able to get a special under 25s motor trade insurance from one of the specialist providers on the panel.
  • All cases considered - Of course some convictions are more serious than others and this is typically reflected in the cost of your insurance. Even if you think that your conviction is too serious for insurance providers to consider, it’s still worth applying since all cases are considered.
  • Instant cover - Once you have made an initial payment for your policy the cover will be active. You will also be sent your insurance documents immediately via email and also by post if you require.

Ways to Save Money on Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance

Below are some excellent ways you can save money on convicted drivers motor trade insurance –

  • Make your premises secure – If you have a premises and opt to get a combined policy then an excellent way to keep costs down is being able to demonstrate to insurance providers that your premises is safe. There are many ways to make your premises more secure. You might consider having anti-climb wall spikes installed around the premises. You should also think about having CCTV and security lights install, as well as an alarm. You could also hire security staff.
  • Hire good staff - If you have employees then insurance providers will certainly take their age, experience and any convictions they might have into account. Therefore you should always think about these things when hiring staff as it can affect the cost of your cover quite a bit.
  • Pay annually - Paying for your cover annually rather than monthly is another way you can save money in the long term. Most insurance providers will prefer when you’re able to make a more significant down payment and as a result will offer you a good discount on the cost of your policy.
  • Get quotes from a lot of insurance providers - Perhaps the most obvious way you can save money on convicted drivers motor trade insurance is to get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers. Getting quotes from a lot of providers will enable you to compare them easily and pick the one that’s the best value for money.

Convicted Drivers Motor Trade Insurance FAQ

Why does a conviction affect the cost of motor trade insurance?

Insurance for convicted drivers is higher in general, even if you’re just seeking a personal car or van insurance for convicted drivers policy. Unfortunately this also applies to motor trade insurance.

Motor traders insurance is more expensive when you have a conviction because insurance providers consider you to be a higher risk person. Insurance providers will consider many risk factors when you take out a policy in order to come up with its price. Things like your age, how severe your conviction is and how secure your premises is will all affect how much your cover costs.

How much will cover cost?

There are a few key things that will affect how much you pay for cover. The main ones are –

  • The severity of your conviction - How serious your conviction was will certainly be taken into account by insurance providers. As you would expect, more serious convictions will generally mean you’ll pay more for cover.
  • The size of your business - The size of your business, including how many employees/customers/vehicles you have will impact the cost of your cover too.
  • The type of business you run – The nature of the business will be taken into account too i.e. whether you sell cars, import them, work on them etc.
  • The level of cover you get – The level of cover you take out will also affect how much you pay. A simple third party policy will cost less than a comprehensive or combined policy with additional types of cover added.

Can I get cover for my van?

Yes. If you rely on the use of your van to run your motor trade business then you can get cover for it as part of your traders policy. If you also keep tools in your van, if say you work as a mobile mechanic, then you can also get cover for them.

Did you know…?

There are many ways you can save money on convicted drivers motor trade insurance, such as making your premises secure and hiring good staff.

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