How To Get Road Risk Insurance

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  • Third party only to fully comprehensive cover
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Cover for your premises
  • Cover tools, stock and money
  • Liability claims
  • Legal expenses
  • Instant documentation

How To Get Road Risk Insurance

Road risks insurance is a vital type of cover for those who work in the motor trade. It enables you and your staff to work on and transport customer vehicles as you require.

Getting road risk insurance is incredible quick and simple. You just fill out a quote form and then you will access to quotes from many different motor trade insurance specialists. To get your quotes now simply click the green quote button.

Additional types of motor trade insurance

Road risk insurance isn’t the only type of cover you need when working in the motor trade. Below are some of the other types of cover you should consider –

  • Combined motor trade insurance – You can get a combined motor trade insurance policy if you want to have full protection for your business. Not only does it include cover for road risk insurance for your own car and customer vehicles but also your premises, tools, stock and cash.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are another type of cover you should consider, particularly if you have a lot of employees. In addition to getting public liability and employers’ liability cover, you can also get legal expenses…
  • Legal expenses – If you want to fight a liability claim in court then it can get very expensive quickly. This is why legal expenses is certainly a cover option strongly worth considering.
  • Breakdown assistance - You can also get breakdown assistance added to your policy.
Did you know…?

You can save money on road risk insurance by getting a lot of quotes.

Why get quotes online?

Below are some of the best reasons to get road risk insurance quotes online –

  • No hard sell - When getting quotes online you don’t have to deal with any pressure from sales agents. This is a big advantage as it lets you decide on the best type of policy for your business without feeling pressured to take out a policy with any particular provider.
  • Easily tailor your policy – You can also easily tailor your policy online which means you only get the cover that your business needs.
  • Save time and money – Getting quotes so easily allows you to save a lot of time and potentially save a good deal of money on road risk insurance too.
Did you know…?

You can choose to pay for your policy either annually or monthly via direct debit.

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