How Much Does Road Risk Insurance Cost?

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How Much Does Road Risk Insurance Cost?

Road risk insurance is a vital type of cover for motor trade businesses. As far as how much road risk insurance costs it will depend on a few factors such as your age, the type of business you have and what other types of cover you get included in the policy.

Keep reading to find out what factors affect cost as well as some great ways to save money.

What factors impact cost?

The cost of road risk insurance typically depends on the following –

  • Your age – Your age is a big factor when it comes to the cost of road risk insurance. People who are under 30 will typically pay more for a policy compared to those who are over 30. This is simply because under 30s are considered higher risk by insurance providers.
  • Type of business – The type of motor trade business you have will also play a role in how much you pay for cover.
  • Size of business – The size of your business is a big factor too. The larger your business is and the more cars/employees etc. you need to cover, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Additional cover on the policy - Most motor trade policies will include cover for more than just road risks. You can get cover for premises, tools, stock, cash, liability claims etc. The more cover options you add, the higher the cost.
Did you know…?

Road risk insurance is just one type of motor trade cover you can get. You can also get cover for your premises, liability claims and your stock, tools and cash.

Are there any ways to reduce costs?

Below are a couple of ways to reduce the cost of road risk insurance –

  • Pay for your policy upfront – Paying for your policy annually upfront is a very reliable way to save money since most insurance providers will give you a good discount for doing this.
  • Get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers – Another great way to save money on road risk insurance is to get quotes from many different insurance providers. This will help you to prevent overspending on your cover.
Did you know…?

Getting a lot of quotes is a great way to save money on road risk insurance.

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