How Much Does Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

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Factors That Affect Cost

Below are some of the biggest factors that affect the cost of a motor trade insurance policy –

  • The type of business - The type of business you run is certainly one of the main factors that will affect the cost of motor trade insurance policy. There are certain businesses that come with considerably more risk than others so this is certainly something that insurance providers will taken into account when calculating the cost of your policy.
  • Number of employees - The number of employees you have will also affect cost. This is because more employees means more risk so that number of employees you have will correlate with the cost of your policy. For example it will cost less to get mobile mechanics insurance than it would to get cover for a large motor trade business with a lot of employees.
  • How secure your premises is - If you get a combined policy where you premises are covered then how secure they are will certainly be noted by insurance providers. Premises that are not well secured are at much more risk of vandalism and theft.
  • Your age - Your age will also determine the price you pay for motor trade insurance. Younger people are usually considered greater risk and can therefore expect to pay more.
  • The level of cover required - What a motor trade policy covers will also affect its cost.

Why Get Cover From A Specialist?

Below are the key benefits of getting cover from a specialist provider –

  • A highly tailored policy to suit the needs of your business
  • Affordable cover from specialist providers
  • Cover for all types of businesses
  • Cover for all types of vehicles
  • Flexible payment options to suit
  • Instant cover

Ways to Save Money

Below are some great tips for saving money on motor trade insurance

  • Secure your premises - Making your premises secure is always important - not only does it make you less likely to suffer a break-in or vandalism but it will also significantly reduce the price of your insurance. CCTV and security lights are good ways to make your premises more secure.
  • Be selective with employees - Be sure to hire trustworthy employees with clean driving histories and this will also go a long way to helping you save money on your insurance.
  • Pay upfront - If you can afford to pay for your policy annually rather than monthly then this puts you in a great position to negotiate a lower premium with insurance providers. Not suitable for everyone but it’s a very reliable way to save money.

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