How Much Does Convicted Driver Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

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How Much Does Convicted Driver Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

If you have a conviction and are looking for cover for your motor trade business then you’re likely wondering how much it will cost.

Although it’s true that having a conviction will raise the cost of motor trade insurance it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a policy at an affordable rate. There are specialist providers of convicted drivers motor trade insurance who will take your unique circumstances into account when providing a quote.

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Factors that affect cost

Below are some of the main factors that affect the cost of motor trade insurance –

  • Your age - Your age will certainly play a role in how much your pay for cover. Those who are under 30 will generally pay more for insurance since they’re considered higher risk. It’s worth bearing this in mind when hiring employees.
  • Type of conviction - The type of conviction you have will also be taken into account by insurance providers. The more serious your conviction is, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Business type - The type of business you run is another factor that will affect cost. Certain business types are considered higher risk than others
  • Security of your premises - How secure your premises is will certainly impact the cost of your cover too.

Ways to save money

Below are some great ways to save money on convicted drivers motor trade insurance

  • Pay upfront – Paying for your policy annually rather than monthly will enable you to save a good amount on your policy with most insurance providers.
  • Hire good staff – Another way to keep costs down is by hiring reliable staff who have a clean driving/criminal record.
  • Make your premises secure - Any steps you can take to make your premises more secure will certainly help to lower the cost of your insurance. CCTV, alarms and security lights are all worthwhile investments.
  • Get quotes - Getting quotes is easier than ever and is definitely something you should do when looking to save money on motor trade insurance.
Did you know…?

Having a conviction doesn’t mean you can’t get cover at a reasonable price.

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