Getting Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

If you have a conviction then you might have found that getting motor trade insurance at a good rate to be a challenge. The good news is that there are specialist providers of motor trade insurance for convicted drivers who can offer cover at a reasonable price.

Do you have to declare your conviction to insurance providers?

The big question that many people with convictions want to know the answer to is whether or not they have to let insurance providers know about their conviction. This will depend on whether your conviction is spent or unspent. When a conviction is spent, it means you’re no longer obligated to declare it. The amount of time before a conviction is spent will depend on the severity of the conviction and the punishment that came with it. The conviction calculator at¬† help you work this out.

Where to find motor trade quotes

Finding convicted drivers motor trade insurance quotes is easier than ever thanks to the number of insurance comparison services out there. Getting quotes is usually as easy as filling in a quote form stating what level of cover you want and your personal details. You can get cover for any type of motor trade business. Whether you run an auction house or work as a mobile mechanic - you can choose the exact level of cover that suits your business.

The are a few advantages to using an online insurance comparison service for motor trade quotes. These are –

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Easily amend your policy
  • Get documents immediately
  • No hard sell

The types of cover you can get

Below are some of the most common types of motor trade insurance

  • Liability claims – Motor trade liability insurance¬†claims are always a risk for motor trade businesses so getting liability cover included in your policy is highly recommended. You can get cover for claims from both members of the public and your own employees.
  • Road risks - Road risks cover will enable you and your staff to work on customer vehicles, including driving them.
  • Part time policy - A part time traders insurance policy will provide the cover you need if you work in the motor trade on a part time basis.
  • Combined policy - A combined motor trade policy provides a way to protect every aspect of your business, from the cars you work on to your premises, tools, stock and cash.