Choosing a quality chip tuning business to install your auto chip is a necessity on a number of levels.

Your card is your pride and joy and any such modification to it should be done by people with the most appropriate expertise. Additionally, these people should use the highest quality of product available when doing so.

An engine is a delicate thing and imbalances beyond particular levels can cause all sorts of issues in the immediate in the short and the long term. Altering the ECU via engine chip tuning can be a wonderful thing if it goes well, but cause a myriad of issues if it doesn’t.

Choosing a Performance Tuning Trader

Any trader you use should be qualified, have good reviews via word of mouth or the internet and also have combined motor trade insurance.

Utilising an established brand when buying chiptuning files assures you have bought something from an established brand that provides the best level of performance and customer service.

Needless to say, deciding on a lower quality unit poses risks and downsides and even though some will show no problems in the immediate, there still maybe some that go undetected for a period. Here are some of the potential negatives for using a low quality ECU.

Downsides of choosing the wrong Performance Tuning Trader

  1. The Engine Can Be Pushed Too Hard- One of the most popular remaps is to make the engine more powerful. In fact, your engine can function at a higher speed and get more power with each stroke, when there is a right setting for fuel and air mixture and timing. However, the engine’s parts may be pushed beyond the stress limits it can normally take, and wear levels increase due to more heat and repetition. These things can increase the chances of the engine failing, and this is why many power-train warranties are avoided after someone has decided to tune their engine, unless it is done the right way by the right person.
  1. Engine Can Become More Susceptible To Changes- Vehicles are very versatile, and this is because the manufacturers place default chip parameters, and they are set a certain way. Many drivers around the world just want a reliable vehicle that they don’t want to worry about. However, when more power is brought on by chip tuning, then it tends to come at the price of versatility, and this means the engine can become more susceptible to changes. These changes include increased air temperatures or a bad tank of gas.
  1. You Can Easily Make Mistakes- There are a lot of systems within the ECU controls and many of them play important roles in how your engine works, and a lot of the systems are interconnected. A good example of this is that the spark timing is connected to the fuel/air mixture, and the spark timing is tied to the vehicle’s transmission. If you tweak one of those settings, and you don’t make changes to the others accordingly can lead to poor engine performance.  
  1. You Might Need To Replace Other Parts- Sure, your engine and vehicle will end up getting better performance as a result of tuning your ECU. However, after you tune, you might not get the best results. This is because the stock parts are picked with the default settings that the manufacturer has set.

There are certain parts that are hit the most as a result of this. These parts include distributors, spark plugs, valves, as well as wires. All of those parts to be replaced if you want to get the most from tuning your vehicle.

So, you get what you pay for when it comes to ECU. Our advice is to use someone that you know can be trusted to install chiptuning files from an established brand.