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What’s Covered In a Motor Trade Policy?

If you’re wondering if your own car is covered with a motor trade policy then the answer is yes. A motor trade insurance policy is different from regular car insurance in that it is the policy holder that is covered rather than any particular vehicle. This means that you’re able to drive your own car as well as those of your customers (this includes working on customer vehicles). This is incredibly useful for those who work in the motor trade such as mobile mechanics who need to be able to drive their own vehicle and work on/drive customer vehicles. If you’d like to get mobile mechanic insurance quotes then simply click the link. Below are some of the main types of cover that you’ll find in a typical motor trade insurance policy
  • Road Risks - Road risks are covered as standard although you can choose what level of cover you need, from third party; third party, fire & theft; and fully comprehensive. Third party is the cheapest option but provides only minimal protection.
  • Liability claims - Liability claims from employees and members of the public are something you must always be wary of. Having liability insurance included in your policy is always recommended, especially if you work in the motor trade full time.
  • Customer vehicles - Customer vehicles are of course covered in a motor trade insurance policy. This means you can work on them and drive them legally and be covered for any collisions or other accidents.

Additional Types of Cover

  • Windscreen Repair - You can have windscreen repair included in a motor trade policy too. This is a very useful type of additional cover to have, particularly if you work in an environment where windscreen cracks are a likely occurance.
  • Breakdown Recovery - Breakdown recovery is another extremely useful type of cover you can get as part of a motor trade policy. It might not be necessary for all businesses in the motor trade but if you transport vehicles over longer distances then it’s a must.
  • Tools & Cash - Tools and cash can also be covered in your policy, either as an additional type of cover or as part of a combined policy.

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