Maybe not a surprise to our motor trade insurance customers but a recent market report by Auto Trader shows that despite the advancements in self-driving technology and the number of major car manufacturers who are investing in it, almost half of the motorists in the UK are not interested in self-driving vehicles.

The survey, in which more than 5 and a half thousand motorists were questioned, revealed some interesting findings about peoples’ attitudes to driving and the reasons why so many are yet to embrace the idea of self-driving cars.

81% of car owners today say there are committed to owning a car in the future. The main reason those who are against the idea of self-driving cars gave is because they simply enjoy driving too much, although 49% of this group did admit that they don’t know enough about the technology to form an opinion regarding their level of interest. The fact that the survey also showed that just 21% of people know what a fully autonomous vehicle is backs this up.

Other findings in the survey showed that 85% of those who hold a full driving licence in the UK, also own a car. 61% of respondents said they have an awareness of electric vehicles although they’re not entirely sure what an electric vehicle is.

Also 23% of motorists said that they do not believe that fully-autonomous vehicles will be available to purchase in their lifetime. It might be tempting to put this down to age but surprisingly 44% of those aged 17-44 years old do not believe that such vehicles will be available to purchase while they’re alive.