The 2017 Auto Trader Click Awards were held recently, where the best dealer websites were honoured for their achievements (I am sure some of the companies who arranged motor traders insurance through the site panel attended) .

This was the tenth showing for the annual award ceremony held by Auto Trader and notable winners this year included David Spear Commercial Vehicles, who won Business Transformation of the Year; Renault Retail group, who won Digital Innovator of the Year; and JCT600, who won Best Digital Customer Experience.

The winners for each category were selected based on the opinions of a large selection of car buyers as well as analysis of data points across the Auto Trader website.

This year featured two new self-nominated categories, which were Business Transformation of the Year and Digital Innovator of the Year.

La Etta Pearce, group sales director at Auto Trader said –

“The Auto Trader Click Award winners should feel immensely proud. Not only has this tenth year seen a record number of entries – but the bar has once again been raised on quality – and the winners have proven that digital strategies and a data-driven approach are key to adapting business, improving online experiences for buyers and above all succeeding in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.”