Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo is looking for volunteers for a new self-driving car trail in the UK. The trial will be the largest yet conducted by the automotive industry and Volvo are looking specifically for drivers who commute into west London to take part.

The idea behind the trail, which will run in tandem with one taking place in Sweden, is to make self-driving cars as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Drivers of different age groups will be selected to take part in the trial, which will take place in the summer of 2018. The cars will drive themselves while on the motorway or dual carriageway, with the driver taking over once they reach London. Volvo is going to great lengths in order to ensure that the cars are as safe as possible by using their database of car crashes in order to run simulations. The cars will also have a firewall installed so they’re less vulnerable to hacking.

There is still quite a bit of resistance to self-driving cars, with many people believing that they’re too vulnerable to outside interference and fearing the driver won’t have enough control. However there are significant benefits that come with self-driving cars, not least of which are a predicted 80% reduction in the number of car accidents and much lower insurance premiums.

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