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Working in the motor trade means you need to have road risks insurance for any vehicles you’ll be handling. Click the green button to get your quotes now.

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Road Risk Insurance

Road risks are one of the most fundamental things you have to protect against when you work in the motor trade. Handling customer vehicles often means transporting them from A to B and therefore you need to be able to drive them legally. Below are the types of road risk cover you can get as well as some of the biggest benefits of getting cover online.

Types of Motor Trade Insurance Cover

  • Third party - Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover you can get in order to be able to drive a vehicle legally. It is designed to protect other road users in case there’s a collision where you (or a member of your staff) are liable. This is the cheapest option available but also provides minimal protection.
  • Third party, fire & theft - If you want to add extra cover to a third party policy then this is a great option. In addition to providing third party cover, any vehicles in your possession will also be covered for fire damage and theft.
  • Comprehensive - A comprehensive policy will cover you for all types of accidents, even those that you or your employees are liable for. This cover costs more than third party but it will allow you to run your business with full peace of mind.
  • Combined policy - A combined policy provides a way to not only cover the vehicles that your business handles but also your premises, cash and assets too. It’s a much more convenient option than getting separate policies for each part of you business.

Why Get Traders Insurance Cover Online?

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting road risk insurance online –

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Get quotes from specialist providers
  • Get expert advice on the best type of policy for your business
  • Easy claims process
  • Highly tailored quotes
  • Flexible payment options
  • Instant cover

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If you want to get road risk insurance quotes easily then you’re in the right place. The panel of insurers provide road risk insurance for motor trade businesses of all sizes so you can be sure that you’ll find a quote that meets the needs of your business. Simply click the green button below to get your quotes now.