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Part Time Traders Insurance

If you work part time in the motor trade then you will need to get a good insurance policy to cover you for this. There are many insurance providers who offer tailored quotes for part time motor trade insurance. These policies are suited to those who only work in the motor trade part time and will take into account the wants and needs of the individual.

Before seeking quotes it’s a great idea to read through the information on this page so you can see what types of cover are available and a couple of great ways to save money on part time motor traders insurance.

Motor Trade Cover Available

  • Third Party - Third party cover will protect any cars that are owned by the business. This allows you to work on them legally and provides cover for collisions where a third party is liable. You can also choose to have fire and theft covered in a third party policy.
  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive insurance cover for the motor trade offers more protection. It means that if you are involved in a collision you will be protected whether you or your employees are liable or not.
  • Combined - A combined motor trade policy is suitable when you want to protect everything related to your business including the vehicles, premises and assets. All policies can be highly tailored to your individual needs so don’t be afraid to specify exactly what it is you need cover for.

Saving Money on your Motor Trade Insurance

  • Pay Upfront - Insurance providers generally prefer when you’re able to make a large payment upfront so you should always do this when possible and expect to get a significant discount on the overall cost of the policy.
  • Get Multiple Quotes - This is perhaps the most reliable way to save money. Getting multiple quotes gives you the ability to assess whether a particular policy is good value for money or not.

Getting Quotes for Traders Insurance is Easy

If you want to get part time traders insurance quotes then you can have them within a matter of minutes. Simply click the green button below and after providing some information about your policy needs, you will have access to quotes from a panel of part time motor traders insurance specialists.

Insurance for people in the motor trade

Those in the motor trade will invariably pay more for their insurance that your ordinary domestic customer. This is due to the very manner of their business and it will vary even more depending on whether they carry goods or passengers. If you are shopping around for motor trade insurance then the following list are you what you will get when you come to us for a motor trade insurance policy.

Highly tailored policies for traders insurance

Bespoke policies which are tweaked to your exact requirements should be par for the course when it comes to your motor trade insurance. There is no one size fits all insurance policy in any sector and we make sure we tick all your boxes as far as your personal needs and requirements are concerned.

Compare motor trade insurance quotes easily

As we are a top end comparison site when you answer the basic questions at the beginning it bring up a list of quotes on your screen within seconds so you can compare the prices of the policies at a glance. We do not bombard your email with spam or send you quotes for anything outside of the criteria you have told us about.

Save time and money on your trade insurance

Finding a cheap motor trade insurance quote should save you time and money. The user experience on the site should be top notch and you should not be spending hours trawling through numerous questions that have no bearing on your requirements. You will spend no more time on our site than is absolutely necessary as user experience is one of our top priorities.

Multiple payment options

Monthly, quarterly or all in one lump, we will offer you all of these options when you are looking at quotes. Granted, it may cost a bit more to pay in instalments but even if you want to pay it all in one go the option will be there for you.

Instant motor trade insurance documentation

You accept a quote, pay the premium and wham, the cover note or policy documents will arrive in your email inbox within minutes. Make sure you check through them straight away to ensure everything has been included that you wanted and that things haven’t been added on that you don’t want.