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Top 5 tech must haves for savvy mobile mechanics

Becoming a mobile mechanic is an exciting career move. It may be your first foray into working for yourself, in which case you’ll have a lot to think about.  You’ll focus on getting your equipment in order, advertising your services as well as learning how... read more

Why starting young in the motor trade isn’t a mistake

As youth unemployment continues to prove problematic to under 25s in the UK, young people are searching for ways to make their own money. Starting up a motor trade business at a young age can seem daunting and comes with a whole set of challenges but where successful,... read more

Getting Motor Trade Insurance With Convictions

If you have a conviction then you might have found that getting motor trade insurance at a good rate to be a challenge. The good news is that there are specialist providers of motor trade insurance for convicted drivers who can offer cover at a reasonable price. Do... read more

A Guide to Working as a Mobile Mechanic

If you have experience working as a mechanic then you might have considered setting up on your own as a mobile mechanic. Below is a guide to help you out that covers everything from getting your own vehicle to getting the right mobile mechanics insurance.  Getting... read more

Young Motor Traders FAQs

Will I be able to get insurance at a reasonable rate? Yes. It’s understandable if you’re a young person and think that motor trade insurance won’t be affordable for you but this isn’t the case. There are specialist providers of motor trade... read more

The Best Type of Motor Trade Insurance For Your Business

When it comes to motor trade insurance, there is no one policy to fit all types of businesses. This is because there are such a large number of jobs in the motor trade that what is suitable for one business might not be for another. Below is a guide to some of the... read more

How to Get Started Buying & Selling Cars

Buying and selling cars can be a very profitable venture for this who have the right skills and motivation. If you’ve considered buying and selling cars but don’t know where to start then you should find the information below very useful. Do you need a... read more

Vehicle Registration for the Motor Trade

As a motor trade insurance comparison site we know that working in the motor trade means you have to keep up-to-date records of the vehicles that come into your possession. Some businesses in the motor trade only deal with customer vehicles for a short period of time... read more

Trade Licence Plates

If you work in the motor trade then you’re going to have vehicles that you do not own coming in and out of your possession all the time. This can become very inconvenient if you’re having to worry about registering and taxing every vehicle that is... read more

Motor Insurance Database (MID)

What is the MID? The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a database that was set up by the insurance industry and the motor insurance bureau in order to combat the problem of uninsured drivers and the knock-on effect this has on the rest of the public. When you work in... read more

5 tips for Panel Beaters when Choosing Insurance

For any business having the right panel beaters or body shop motor trade insurance is absolutely vital because you never know when problems or accidents might occur. Accidents and injuries can happen in an instant and so, ensuring that you have the right cover in... read more

Road Safety motor trade insurance comparison are proud to support the road safety charity, Brake. Brake aim to raise awareness through the media about the importance of road safety. In addition to this, Brake do work in communities across the country and... read more

Starting a Motor Trade Business

If you’re thinking about starting a business in the motor trade, then there are certain key things you must think about. If you’re looking to take the first steps to getting started with your own business, we have some key tips to help you out.

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Motor Trade Insurance – The Facts

When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, you want to be as well-informed as possible so you can make the right decisions and save money wherever possible. With this in mind, below are some of the top factors that affect the price of a motor trade insurance policy.

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Winter Driving Guide for Traders

Driving in winter is something that every motorist has to be prepared for. The weather conditions on the road are often far from ideal and being properly prepared can make all the difference to your own safety and that of other road users. When you work in the motor trade and are often driving vehicles that do not belong to your business then it’s especially important to be prepared for winter driving.

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Steps to Take After An Accident For Motor Trade Businesses

If you run a business in the motor trade then it’s essential that you and your staff know the right steps to follow after an accident. Failing this could cost your business big and even potentially lead to liability claims. Below are the steps to follow after an accident when you work in the motor trade.

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Can I Drive My Own Car On a Traders Policy?

A motor trade insurance policy is different from regular car insurance in that it is the policy holder that is covered rather than any particular vehicle. This means that you’re able to drive your own car as well as those of your customers (this includes working on customer vehicles)…

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What Does Motor Trade Insurance Cover?

When you work in the motor trade you want to be sure that you get the right level of cover for your business. Get tailored quotes by clicking the green button. Tailored Quotes Specialist Providers On The Panel Combined Policies Available Part time motor traders... read more

How Much Does Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

By getting multiple quotes you could save a good deal of money on motor trade insurance . Click the green button to get quotes now. Cover for Any Type of Business including Motorcycle traders insurance cover Highly Tailored Policies Combined Policies Available... read more