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Mobile Mechanics Insurance

Mobile mechanics require a specialised policy to cover for all associated risks. If you are embarking on a career as a mobile mechanic then you may not be aware of the types of cover that are available and whether or not you need them. The information on this page should help you decide on what type of policy you want and how you can find it at the best price possible.

Types of Traders Cover Available

  • Public Liability - When you’re working on other people’s vehicles, then public liability insurance is a very good idea. It might be the case that you work on a customer’s vehicle and then a few weeks later, the vehicle breaks down because of an unrelated matter. Situations like these can lead to unfair liability claims but it’s always good to know that you’re covered.
  • Third Party - This will allow you to work on customer’s vehicles and will cover you in the event of a collision where a third party is liable.
  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive insurance will usually cover any vehicles you work on and your own vehicles. You can also choose to have your tools covered in this type of policy.

Each type of cover can be highly tailored to your individual needs so don’t be afraid to specify exactly what you want included in your policy.

Saving Money on Insurance for a Mobile Mechanic

There are some excellent ways that you can save money on mobile mechanics insurance. These include –

  • Pay Annually - Insurance providers prefer when you pay for your policy upfront and most will offer a good discount when you do.
  • Look Online for Discounts - Often you can find special offers and discounts online so you should always keep an eye out for these.
  • Get Multiple Quotes - It’s always wise to get a good number of quotes since it gives you an idea of the price you should be paying for a policy.

Getting Quotes for Mobile Traders Insurance

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Highly tailored policies for Mobile Mechanics Insurance

Going into business for yourself as a mobile mechanic should be an exciting time, but that excitement is often short lived when you come across the minefield that is mobile mechanics insurance. There are so many things that need to be covered on a mobile mechanics insurance policy it can be very easy to get bogged down and just plump for the one that is closest to your needs. The specialised motor trade insurance policies on the panel our site provides make it easier than ever to get the perfect policy, and here are just a few of reasons so many mobile mechanics get their insurance from us.

Mobile mechanics is a broad spectrum that can cover many vehicles and situations. It is which this in mind that insurers on the panel we provide have devised highly tailored policies which have been specially created from scratch to give you cover you require. Whether you intend fixing cars on people’s drive ways or being on call to motorway breakdowns there will be an insurer that will have your ideal mobile mechanics insurance just waiting for you.

Compare quotes easily for Mobile Traders Insurance

One of the main subjects which keeps coming up when our customers are giving their testimonies is how quick and easy it is to compare quotes on our site.  We have created a fantastic user experience by getting quotes from multiple motor trade insurance providers to allow you to check through them without any pressure. We don’t call this anything special, we just call it service.

Save time and money on Insurance for Mobile Mechanics

Being a mobile mechanic means that you will be on call most of the time and your free time will be very precious to you. We bore this is mind when we created our 30 second questionnaire which all the time needed to build a profile in order to give you relevant quotes. We are proud of the fact that we save our customers both time and money and you will not be wasting time trying to save money.

Multiple payment options for Insurance for Mobile Mechanics

How do you intend paying for your mobile mechanics insurance? There are multiple payment options you can choose whichever suits you best. Spreading the cost across the year breaks it down into affordable monthly payments which takes the pressure off the bank balance somewhat but if you want to pay for it all in one lump that’s absolutely fine too.

Instant documentation for Mobile Motor Trade Insurance

You select your policy, you pay your initial deposit, now what should happen next is your documentation arriving instantly into your inbox. We say should happen as way too many companies leave you in limbo between paying and receiving.